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J60 Music Bar, Manor Park

Steve Marriott's acting career was quiet and the Moments had not been very successful so he decided to get a "proper job". The J60 Music Bar was a musical instrument shop at 445 High Street, Manor Park. It was staffed by musicians and so attracted other musicians.

This is where Steve and Ronnie met properly. Steve Marriott was working there when Ronnie Lane walked in to buy a new Harmony bass. Ronnie was learning to play lead guitar and finding it quite painful so he decided to switch to bass. He and Kenney Jones visited the J60. A "cocky" shop assistant saw that Kenney had sat down behind the drums while Ronnie picked up the bass. He started to play the guitar. The manager was not impressed and the assistant, Steve Marriott, was duly fired.

The J60 today (2021) from Google Street View

J60 Location in Manor Park from Google Maps

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