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Steve Marriott

Steve left the Small Faces in 1969, teaming up with Peter Frampton of the Herd to form Humble Pie, and enjoying immense success in America. The band was a blend of a hard rock style and acoustic numbers. The latter was later abandoned and this encouraged the departure of Peter Frampton. Humble Pie was far more successful in the USA than at home and made 22 US tours. Humble Pie reached number five in the UK singles charts with its first release Natural Born Bugie. The album Smokin' was the group's biggest success in the UK album charts.

Following the break-up of Humble Pie in 1975, he applied for the job of Mick Taylor's replacement in the Rolling Stones and played some gigs with the All Stars, featuring R 'n' B legend Alexis Corner. The All Stars also featured drummer Ian Wallace and Bob Weston who had played with Fleetwood Mac. A poorly-received solo album followed this.

He joined the reformed Small Faces in 1976 for a tour and two albums. Poor sales did little to encourage this band and it soon disbanded. A reformed Humble Pie in 1980 recorded two new albums. After the Small Faces reunion Steve formed a pub band called Blind Drunk.

In later years, he played in a number of bands, most notably Packet of Three and the Official Receivers, playing mainly pub gigs. Packet of Three released a CD and a live video with the line-up consisting of Marriott, Jim Leverton and Jerry Shirley from Humble Pie. The Packet of Three line-up plays on the now deleted Tin Soldier video.

He played with former Humble Pie colleague Peter Frampton towards the end of his career, contributing vocals to one track on Frampton's 1994-released album before dying in a fire at home in Essex in 1991 at the age of 44. A verdict of accidental death was recorded. All or Nothing was played as the requiem at his funeral. Kenney Jones was at the funeral along with Peter Frampton and Joe Brown. Rod Stewart and his wife Rachel sent a wreath

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