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The Tony Jackson Group


The Tony Jackson Group

  • Shake/Understanding/He Was a Friend of Mine/Just Like Me (Portugal only?)


The Vibrations

  • Bye Bye Baby / Watch Your Step
  • You Beat Me To The Punch / This Girl of Mine
  • Love Potion Number 9 / Fortune Teller

The Tony Jackson Group

  • Stage Door / That's What I Want
  • You're My Number One / Let Me Know

Tony Jackson

  • Never Leave Your Baby's Side / I'm The One She Really Thinks a Lot Of
  • Follow Me / Walk That Walk
  • Anything Else You Want / Come On and Stop



  • Mojo Mod Club Party (Free with Mojo June 2005)
  • Jon Savage's 1965 The Year the Sixties Ignited (26 January 2018)

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